Healthy Cooking from a Happy Mom

Microwave cooking and nutrition

There are advantages and dis- advantages in using microwave oven for cooking. Some of the study says that microwave can cause cancer, but of course we cannot deny the fact that we are still using microwave for heating and cooking the food. The good help of microwave is you can a warm food in a minute without breaking the taste of the food, And that is i think is very helpful for us especially we are working and we do not have enough time to cook food.

Up to this time i have not heard anybody who has a problem in using microwave. Meat do not taste good if you cook it in a microwave and also the fish it was based on my own experience. Still it is much better to eat food that is newly cooked because you will still benefit all the nutrients from it because it is fresh.

Cooking vegetables in a microwave oven

We just have to be alert and always willing  to know new things and be sure that what we are using is not putting us in danger. Talking about the health of our family is the most important thing more than anything else. We have to know what is safe and what is dangerous to avoid from having a sickness just like what the Company they are doing their best to give the most beautiful and safe designing. Nutrition is the best thing that we can give to our family and children. Especially the children because they are the most sensitive when it comes to eating therefore we should give them the good nutrition that they needed.

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