Healthy Cooking from a Happy Mom

Healthy Meals, Drinks, Foods and Recipes & Tips for your family

Having a healthy meal everyday for the family is such a good thing. Eating meals on time makes our body and mind healthy and strong. Drinking freshly squeeze fruit juice and fresh milk everyday are very essential for our body and for our children as well. Our body needs to eat three times daily, here are some tips for a healthy meals everyday. For breakfast as they say eat like a king because this is the most important meal of the day so you can eat everything you like for example , bacon and sunny side up fried  egg with a buttered toasted bread, fruit juice and fresh milk or coffee or tea you can have ripe papaya or banana for desert.


For lunch you can eat beef broccoli with rice and iced tea or water. For dinner its good to eat light meal such as veggies and chicken  breast  or fish fillet with sauce. We don’t need to eat more in the night time so we can maintain our healthy body without excess fats. Healthy living, everyday exercise positive thinking and always remember to smile every morning when you wake up to have a positive energy everyday its good for your health as well as your family.


If you want your family to have a healthy body, make sure to provide them a proper foods with mineral and nutrients. Don’t skip your meals and eat on time everyday to make sure you will be fit always. It is recommended for you to engage in digital marketing world about health tips. Having a healthy family is nice and it really feels good to see how healthy your family is, you can check some tips on how to be healthy in online world, find more here Just like how the Company takes good care of their customers through online marketing services.

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