Healthy Cooking from a Happy Mom

Healthy Cooking, Nutritious Recipes & Diet Menu Suggestions

Cooking is a passion  and it’s not everybody has this kind of passion. A person has this kind of passion has all the ideas on how to do it easily. They are very observant in all ideas that has been taught. A healthy cooking comes from a healthy mind a body with passion. It all started if you are a  health conscious person, and it is very good to do it in your own home.


Here are some examples of a nutritious recipes: Cinnamon porridge with  banana and berries,Fish with veggies and rice,vegetable salad and chicken breast,chicken fillet with vegetables and rice its all good with vegetables if you are planning to have a nutritious recipes. Or you can even experiment whatever you have in mind.the most important is it’s all nutritious.and its not expensive and easy to make. Usually nutritious foods are easy to prepare.


If you’re on a diet you can eat fruits and high fiber foods and start it in the morning, You can drink tea instead of coffee. For lunch time just eat vegetables and fish or white meat without putting a lot of ingredients in eat and you can drink a freshly squeeze juice or water. For dinner you have to eat a very light food with out carbohydrates  to avoid excess fats and drink a glass of wine In you to have your meal dissolve freely. Don’t eat more calories and lessen your carbohydrate intake every meal of the day. And  always remember to exercise everyday!

Truly thanks to our friendly business partner Amanda K. Peachey who shared this amazing tips!