Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What I Wish I Was Eating on Valentine's Day

Boo hoo. Since I'm doing a Whole30 this month, I can't have any treats for Valentine's Day. This means no chocolate or sugar whatsoever. Yeah, I know. I'm (mostly) ok with it though. It's better now than during my birthday or around Christmas, right? Being a food blogger, I follow lots of blogs and they have some seriously delicious-looking creations. Have you seen my Pinterest boards lately?

Deciding to do a post on Valentine's treats when you can't have any of it, might be a little insane, but here goes.

If things were different, I'd be tearing my hair out trying to choose between these.

As I look at this Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Sundae from Bless This Mess, the saliva literally starts to pool in the recesses of my mouth. I don't know if I'm enough of a glutton to eat as shown here (3 brownies!), but I might be willing to try...

Source: Sweetapolita

This Vanilla Cream-Filled Double Chocolate Cake for Two is Valentine's Day's  soul mate. And you can eat it with yours. Rosie, from Sweetapolita, is the queen of cakes, and if you think this is enticing, you must check out what else she bakes. Like this and this, for starters.

A little less decadent, but no less enticing, are these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Peanut Butter Cups from Jessica at How Sweet It Is. My lips are getting chapped from so much licking...

In the cheesecake category, I have these No Bake Nutella Cheesecakes from My Baking Addiction. Although my heart really belongs to baked cheesecakes, individual and smaller servings seem more fun for Valentine's day. I've been lusting over this recipe for a very long time.

If I have to explain to you why this Brown Butter Pizzzookie from 6 Bittersweets is on my lusting-after list, I don't know if we can still be friends. Thick and gooey chocolate chip cookie with melting ice cream over it. There. I explained it.

Ok. These Chocolate and Toffee Cupcakes from Sugar and Snapshots look like they're topped with a big beautiful scoop of ice cream. How can anyone hate that? Plus, as my hubby knows, toffee has become one of my latest addictions.

Should I stop?

I didn't think so.

 Source: Cafe Fernando

Believe it or not, that Chocolate Mousse up there from Cafe Fernando? Just two ingredients; chocolate and water. No excuses if you don't have any kitchen mojo. It looks acceptable as a treat for my honey and I!

See that caramel oozing off that slice of Sea Salted Chocolate-Caramel Tart? I can't tear my eyes from it. This one's going to haunt me. Heather at Sprinkle Bakes knows her stuff and her confections are like fine art.

Let this be my Valentine's Day gift to you! I hope you found something worthy of your loved ones (or even just yourself). If chocolate's not your thing, apparently you're out of luck!

Happy Valentine's day!


  1. Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Happy Valentines Day! tmj

  3. Good luck with your sugar-free month! :)

    And holy cow... that's an amazing collection of goodies right there! All of it looks amazing.

    Happy Valentine's Day! :)

    1. It's not even the sugar-free part that's the hardest right now, it's the grain-free, dairy-free part that hurts right now :)

      Thanks Erin!

  4. Replies
    1. You're going to have to contact the makers :) While you're at it, have them send to me to, would you?!

  5. Talk about eye candy! Those desserts look amazing!!! Your blog is delicious :)

    1. I know, right? Way too enticing...Wish I could call them mine :)

  6. Sorry for being the most suckiest blogging buddy ever. But kudos to you. I know I would not be able to do this. Must be because I'm the opposite of diabetic, I need my sugar fix daily but that's just me.

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

    1. That's ok, Lisa! Sometimes I'm not the most reliable either :) Life happens...


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