Healthy Cooking from a Happy Mom

Cooking Methods and Cooking Measurements

Don’t you just hate it when you see an ingredient, and you don’t know how to cook it. You remember that it’s supposed to taste good, but you can’t even dare cook it for the fear of making a mess and wasting the ingredient.

Well, below is an infographic telling you the basic cooking methods with the corresponding equipment, temperature, and time.


When you are baking and roasting, these typically involve breads, desserts, meat, vegetables. By doing so, you are evenly distributing the heat to the food, but indirectly. This ensures a well-cooked meal (if you time it right).

Next would be to broil or grill. This involves meat, vegetables, and fruit. Its characteristics are direct heat, and cooking, charring, searing, and crusting.

Next (and my personal favorite) deep frying. This usually is for meat and vegetables. It requires a lot of oil or fat. And if you cook it at the right heat (high fire, anyone?) you’ll end up with a crispy and delicious delicacy.


Next would be to double broil. This is usually for chocolate, custards, sauces, and any delicate ingredient.

Next would be to saute. This is usually for meat, vegetables, and even fruit. It requires just a little oil, and a short cooking time.

Next up is sweating. And, no it doesn’t involve running, thank God. By sweating vegetables, you are extracting the flavor from them.

Next is to torch or flambe. This is usually done on desserts or meringues. This is employed using flame or lit alcohol to char the said dish.

Other cooking methods are listed above.