Healthy Cooking from a Happy Mom

Healthy Lunch Ideas for your working days

Planning a healthy lunch for working days is not an easy thing to do. Oftentimes what you see is what you eat . But you can have a healthy lunch if you prepare  it at home it is easy to make  less expensive and you are very sure that it’s healthy. Plan a healthy meal for lunch at night and prepare it by yourself, Be sure to prepare it clean and safe and make sure to choose a food that is not easy to be rotten and refrigerate it for  tomorrow.


Prepare a marinated meat or fish and partnered it with veggies but be sure not to mix both meat or fish with veggies to avoid the food from being rotten. Have some rice and mixed fruits for dessert and a plain fresh clear water for drinks. Put the food in a lunch box and eat with friends i’m pretty much sure they will like your ideas and start to do the same as you did.


That is hundred percent guaranteed healthy,practical and safest way of having a healthy lunch at work. You can even share it with office mates and friends at work and they will love the idea of having it in a practical way without spending too much in a restaurants and fast food chain. The next time you eat together with your friends at work that you would surely be a role model for your friends for having a healthy lunch ideas that is practically done and easy to make.

Truly thanks to our business partner Patricia J. Tyson that shared this information to us!