Healthy Cooking from a Happy Mom

Basic Cooking Tips

Here are some cooking tips for you brought to you once again by my friend in my dreams, Gordon Ramsay.

The first is how to chop fresh herbs. The ultimate thing to remember when chopping herbs is to avoid bruising them as much as possible. Gordon chops basil in this video. If you chop the herbs with so much strength, you’re going to end up mashing them on the board, and the flavor will be gone.


The secret is to stack together the leaves like a pack of cards. The largest leaf should be at the bottom. Think of it like rolling a cigar. Place them down on the board then roll them. Gently, don’t bruise. Then with a sharp knife, roll the knife as you chop the basil. Remember the three finger trick. Middle finger out, then the pointer finger and ring finger behind. This will serve as a guide in cutting the herb.

The next tip concerns the quick ripening of other fruits. The key is to put a banana in a bag with all the other unripe fruits. Put in a dark place, and the banana will be the one to ripen the other fruits.

More tips are in the video. Please take time to watch it.