Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Handmade Beauty Natural You" Class is Now Open!

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You may or not remember way back in October when I first revealed that my sister and I were putting together an online class about making your own beauty products at home and from scratch. Well, after bouts of Christmas chaos, sick kids, tiredness, and life in general, it's finally up for sale!

While in chiropractic school, I began to learn about the toxic ingredients used in conventional beauty products. At that point, I initially started buying the "cleaner" and more "natural" brands, but they sure put a strain on my budget! A few years later, I discovered the joy of making your own beauty products at home. Now, the only products I buy from the store are hair conditioner and gel. That's it! Everything else I use is homemade, effective, safe, and customized to be perfect for me!

The class begins 2 weeks from today (February 10th) and new content will be released for 5 weeks. Each week, we will introduce you to another type of product; lotions, hair care, masks, etc. as well as teach you how to customize your creations so they fit your budget and needs. Not only will you get to see us in all our weird-sister-glory, (it took us almost 3 decades to hone this class act) but you'll also get all the recipes in a PDF at the end of the class.

The corny humor and animal appearances are almost worth the cost of admission alone...

Below, you'll see our easy 3-ingredient body butter recipe that you get just for being here!

To get in on the fun, head over to Post Road Vintage to sign up. We can't wait to see you again in 2 weeks!

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